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Course Program:


Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage by increasing Customer Perceived Value

– Value Chain and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
– Customer Perceived Value
– Value as a generatorof Market Share and Profitability
– Preparation of Competitive Strategies
– Value oriented Balanced Scorecard
– Value aligning the Officers and Management of the Company
– Value as a generator of Action Plans and Individualized Remuneration
– Research Techniques
– Analysis Techniques
– Dissemination Techniques

Internationally experienced instructor with an executive career in large companies


This training course covers the methodology and techniques of Customer Perceived Value, which enables companies to increase their Market Share and Profitability in a sustainable way.


– DIAGNOSING the Value Attributes whose improvement will give the greatest boost to your company’s results.
– ESTABLISHING internal metric objectives for all the company based on Customer Perceived Value.
– BUILDING a Meritocratic Culture based on Customer Perceived Value and its correlation with every department in the company.
– INCREMENTING he Customer Perceived Value and creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for the Company.
– BOOSTING the company’s Profitability and Market Share by increasing the Customer Perceived Value.

Instructor: Sandro Cimatti

More than 20 years experience as a Marketing and Sales executive. He has held officer positions at large companies such as Schering-Plough, Laboratórios Aché, Ralston Purina and Unilever. A graduate in Production Engineering from POLI/USP, with an MBA in Marketing from ESPM and an MBA in Finance from IBMEC. Founding partner of CVA Solutions, an international company allied to CVM Inc. (USA). CVA Solutions is specialized in helping companies create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Customer Perceived Value and People Perceived Value.


Perceived Value – Fundamentals

– Evolution of management thinking
– Quality,
– Satisfaction,
– The perceived value
– Definition of perceived / profitable value Perceived
– Value chain and sustainable competitive advantage
– Perceived value and market share

– Perceived value and profitability

Processes, Tools and Techniques

– Value and the loyalty curve – Loyalty value curve
– Strategic Value Map – Value Map
– Attribute Tree Value – Tree Value
– Sequence processes and value for money – Cascade value – how to map client contact interactions
– As this process contributes, and maximizes strategic actions
– How to prioritize your strategies and make better decisions
– Segmentation of Customers – Segmentation of clients (promoters, liabilities, detractors)

Increase the perceived value of the Project align the strategies of the Company

– How to diagnose VPC in your company
– Learn how to give priority to improving the attributes of costs and benefits perceived by customers – Priority Value Improvement
– Creation solution – how to improve selected attributes
– Learn to prioritize the attributes that will be communicated to clients – Communication Value Priority
– Customer Perceived Value as director of objectives by department of the company

Value strategy applied to the Competition – Value Competition Strategy

– How to develop value strategy applied to the competition – the recognition of the points of greater leverage
– Value-based action plans and the Balance Scorecard – Value Action Plans
– KPI – Key Performance Indicators – such as the BSC associated with the VPC
– How to choose priorities

– VPC-based action plans translate into key performance indicators for each department

The Department of Market Intelligence as a Change Agent

– As the VPC integrates the existing market research company into
– As the DIM engages the whole society in the construction of the Strategy
– How to develop more effective strategies through VPC metrics
– Integration of BI and VPC

– Monitor the progress of action plans
– The DIM as a focus on the client inductor

– Alignment building VPC of the Board of Directors and Management of Companies

Execution and Implementation

-Mapping the value structure – the internal discussion and focus group
– In reporting quantitative field research
– The analysis of perceived value results
– Development of action plans
– Supervision of KPI action plans

Cases – Perceived Value Methodology / CVA

In this section, the instructor will present several case studies of the large companies where the VPC methodology and its results were applied. Take this opportunity to exchange information and learn how these companies generated corporate profits.

Business Simulation Games – Competitive Strategy Based on Perceived Value

In this section the participants will be divided into teams that will represent the companies competing in the market. The customer perceived value methodology was used as a tool to create a sustainable competitive advantage.


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